The Etiology of Schizophrenia

– The Hypo-Thesis of Cognition – in 3 very easy steps

1/ There is a substance known to cause some of the symptoms in Schizophrenia

2/The group of persons with Schizophrenia does have it, other usually don’t

3/ There might be a connection between Schizophrenia and the substance.

The Substance is: Carbon Disulfide or CS2 and the end result lack of ATP and Oxygen, in the next level this will be more obvious.

Some of the most active possible metabolites is H2S, COS if CS2 not is the metabolite itself. This shows that the transsulfuration pattern is altered.

The Etiology of Schizophrenia – The Hypo-Thesis of Cognition – (Pdf)

Since Carbon disulfide is a known neurotoxin one might think that we just have to remove the external source of CS2 exposure in order to eliminate the problem. But the source is not external it is internal. And this endogenous production of Carbon Disulfide is continuously taken its toll on the system. I conclude that Carbon Disulfide could be a reactive factor that trigger but don’t predispose for the etiology of Schizophrenia.


* CS2 Intro at ADHD och ADD

Clin Pathol 1993;46:861-864
Increased pentane and carbon disulfide in the
breath of patients with schizophrenia

Metabolites:hydrogen disulfide, Carbonyl disulfide, CO, CO2, CO3, H2S, H2O2, Dithiocarbamate, Isothiocarbamate, Dithiocarbamate complexes, Thiocarbamate Isothiocyanate, thiourea. Most probably would some of these metabolites cause a change in the transsurfuration cycle or vice versa, CS2 is the metabolite from Hydrogen Disulfide and this is caused by changes in the transsulfuration cycles.

We look into it….


Carbon Disulfide, CS2, Dithiocarbamate, Dithiocarmbamates complex,  the etiology of Schizophrenia,

hydrogen sulfid, H2S,

5 comments on “The Etiology of Schizophrenia

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  5. This is extremely interesting. I don’t know enough about chemistry, but a little about medicine and society. It could possibly explain why SZ increased since the start of the Industrial Revolution and decreases since the 1990s (with increased environmental measures) in Europe. It is difficult to see how it explains the global distribution of the disease. I also like your point about Niacin, as this has been argued to help SZ. It would be great if I could have some papers from you or anything you wrote about this topic. If you like, it would be fantastic if you could contact me at

    Many thanks and keep up the great and so important work!!!!!

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