Welcome to the planetary system and your connection to Lifenet.

Limits of organic life in planetary systems

The evolution of every cell in Homo sapiens on planet Earth is relying on the proton motive force and the life form is hence connected to the protoplasmic replications by proton that aloud electrons chains.  But a more fundamental force in any genetic self-assembling unit in any planetary systems would be gravity since it by itself is the fundamentals of self-assembly on ground level one of the very fundamentals of the systems roots.

The Roots of Self-assembly in planetary systems

The roots of self-assembly is gravity, any shifts in gravity can change the picture completely because it is a pencil. And hence if no gravity, the planetary system will soon disintegrate to the art of the vanishing point.

A collection of cell was taken from the species Homo sapiens on planet Earth. It was concluded that the cells are heavily gravity dependent like most life forms in any self-assembling system, genetic or not.

The thermodynamics roots of existence in planetary systems

The very fundamentals of Interaction between cellular components in life forms must aloud a possibility to frame shift to do some troubleshooting and tuning of the exergy. During Frame shifts the central commands hibernates to exergyconsolidation mode 1 – EC01, to most Homos Sapiens this will show up just like a dream.

In the self-assembly systems of Homo Sapiens on planet earth as described earlier one of the most devastating diseases would be if the fundamental forces disturb the organism connection to lifenet.

The old blogname GDNFBDNF mirrors the bended global mirror, or things that make you grow. You are rubber and that’s glue. The new name Science and Nuts is about the method and the man.

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